Global Warming A Good Thing?


Imagine if someone reasoned that the asteroid which slammed into the Earth 65 million years ago, resulting in the extinction of about ¾ of the planet’s species – including the dinosaurs – was a “good” thing because it gave rise to the mammals – including eventually homo sapiens. Keep in mind that event was entirely “natural” … human activity was not involved. Should we therefore conclude from this spurious line of reasoning that if another asteroid collision happened tomorrow – it would also be a “good” thing?

Now if a department head of an executive Cabinet claimed that a warming Earth (global warming) is a “good” thing because he knows that… “humans have most flourished during times of warming trends…and disputes that a warming climate “…is necessarily is a bad thing” what should be the response to that line of reasoning?

First, we’ll begin by stating that the overwhelming body of reputable natural scientists agree that today’s “global warming” is caused by humans burning fossil fuels and is therefore not natural. Next, we’ll state that careful measurements of arctic ice cores reveal that between 1800 – 1870 the atmospheric levels of CO2 levels were about 290 parts per million (ppm), yet today it is now over 410 ppm, which is the highest it’s been in human history. Additionally, we’ll mention that 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001, and that 2017 had several major significant weather anomalies around the world. Some of those irregularities included: the Atlantic hurricane season was the most active since 2005, the intense heat in Chile & Argentina resulted in the highest temperature (110.3 ˚F) ever recorded so far south (43 ˚S) in the world, the Arctic ice-growing season had its smallest annual maximum extent, and Africa experienced its fourth warmest year on record, behind 2010, 2016, and 2015.

Now let’s look at some of the future effects of global warming that scientists are forecasting for the U.S.  Here’s a list: 1. Change will continue through this century and beyond. 2. Temperatures will continue to rise. 3. The frost-free season (including growing season) will lengthen. 4. There will be changes in precipitation patterns. 5. There will be more droughts and heat waves. 6. Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense. 7. Sea level will rise 1-4 feet by 2100. And 8. The Arctic is likely to become ice-free.

If we consider the costs of mitigating these effects e.g., protecting our coastal cities, our U.S. Navy bases worldwide and their related infrastructure, etc., it will be enormous. And if we factor in the vast number of climate refugees from all over the world who will be moving to escape the worst effects, it will likely be a nightmare.

So, no matter how one looks at man-made global warming, unless one is a minion of a vast petrochemical empire whose existence depends on the continued use of fossil fuel, a reasonable person would conclude that man-made global warming does not look “good.” Rather, it looks “bad.” Very bad.


Mike Kamandulis
Kersey, PA

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