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EPA Approves Waste Disposal Well In Clearfield County

Federal environmental regulators issued a permit on Friday for an underground injection wellin Clearfield County that will be used to dispose of oil and gas waste liquids. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the permit for Windfall Oil and Gas of Falls Creek, Pa. to build and operate a disposal well in Brady Township. The approval is the agency’s […]

By The Time Natural Gas Has A Net Climate Benefit You’ll Likely Be Dead And The Climate Ruined

The evidence is mounting that natural gas has no net climate benefit in any timescale that matters to humanity. In the real world, natural gas is not a “bridge” fuel to a carbon-free economy for two key reasons.First, natural gas is mostly methane, (CH4), a super-potent greenhouse gas, which traps 86 times as much heat as CO2 over […]

EPA Approves Permit For Brady Township Injection Well

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted a permit for a disposal well in Brady Township that generated widespread opposition when it was proposed in 2012. The site will be used to store and dispose of the liquid leftovers from the drilling process used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale layer. Windfall Oil & […]

Injection Well Fight Packs Township Meeting

By: Deven Clarke WJAC-TV News HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Residents of an Elk County township are fighting a proposed, and EPA approved, Marcellus Shale waste injection well. Residents packed the Highland Township supervisor meeting Wednesday night to express their outrage that the well could be coming to their neighborhood. They said it will be put […]

A Bridge To A New Energy Source Is Useless Without Clean Water

By Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic We recently testified at two public hearings regarding the state Department of Environmental Protection’s new oil and gas regulations. There, we echoed those who voiced concerns that the proposed not only failed to protect the people and natural resources of the state, but their implementation would actually damage the sustainability of environments, communities, […]

The Great American Shale Boom Is A Dangerous Waste Of Time And Money

Rob Wile Business Insider Jeremy Grantham, whose GMO LLC investment firm manages $117 billion in assets, says the Great American Shale Boom is a dangerous waste of time and money. Grantham, who started his career as an economist at Shell, recentlycontemplated attending an anti-Keystone Pipeline demonstration in front of the White House. In his new letter […]