Pennsylvanians Against Fracking And Friends Travel To Harrisburg PA To 100th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show

January 9, 2015 The Honorable Tom Wolf Governor Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 225 Main Capitol Building Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120 Dear Governor Wolf, We, the concerned farmers of Pennsylvania, begin this letter with both hope and fear. Our hopes are that you will read the following with careful consideration and that our heartfelt sentiments will reach you. […]

Upset Grandparents Use Rocking Chairs To Block Entrance To Gas Drilling Site

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When you think of grandmothers in rocking chairs, you probably don’t think of them sitting in the rain, singing and rocking as a way of protesting. “It’s mostly about the children,” said Laurel Colonello of Butler County, “the proximity of the well so close to the school…” With anti-fracking signs in hand […]

Three Months After Water Contamination, Critical Questions Remain

Three months after Public Herald broke the story about the contamination of groundwater sources for public and private water supplies in Potter County, Pennsylvania…99% of our most critical questions are still unanswered. But we’re not giving up – that’s why we’ll be submitting a list of 21 questions again tomorrow morning (Thurs. 12/17) at a public meeting […]

EPA Chief: Us Is Ready To Push Forward On Climate Change

President Obama’s chief environmental regulator told the international climate conference in Paris on Tuesday that the U.S. is already pushing forward with a slate of new climate change rules. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy told climate negotiators that the U.S. is committed to cutting down on carbon pollution and fighting global warming. “The […]

James Hansen: Fracking is ‘Screwing Your Children and Grandchildren’

Speaking to Carbon Brief at the COP21 climate conference in Paris, Dr. James Hansen, one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists, has strongly criticized the UK government’s pursuit of fracking for shale gas. Asked what he thought of the UK government’s policy of seeking to copy the U.S.’s fracking revolution, Hansen said: Well, that’s screwing your children and grandchildren. Because if you do that, […]

Pennsylvania Focuses On Renewables In Latest Energy Plan

Pennsylvania’s path to a lower carbon future will include a significant expansion of renewable energy; fewer methane leaks from natural gas pipelines and coal mines; more efficient use of energy to power homes and businesses; new forest preserves; and more waste made useful as energy. That vision, described in a new draft update to Pennsylvania’s climate […]

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